About the DRHA

For over two dec­ades, the DRHA: Digit­al Research in the Human­it­ies and Arts (pre­vi­ously named: Digit­al Resources in Human­it­ies and the Arts) has sought to inter­pret, define and explore the rela­tion­ships between com­put­ing, the arts and human­it­ies and wider soci­ety.

It com­prises of a series of annu­al con­fer­ences whose goal is to bring togeth­er the cre­at­ors, users, dis­trib­ut­ors, and cus­todi­ans of digit­al research and resources in the arts, design and human­it­ies to explore the cap­ture, archiv­ing and com­mu­nic­a­tion of com­plex and cre­at­ive research pro­cesses. This includes: schol­ars, teach­ers, artists, pub­lish­ers, lib­rar­i­ans, cur­at­ors or arch­iv­ists who wish to extend and develop access and pre­ser­va­tion regard­ing digit­ized inform­a­tion rendered from con­tem­por­ary cul­ture and schol­ar­ship; the inform­a­tion sci­ent­ist seek­ing to apply new sci­en­ti­fic and tech­nic­al devel­op­ments to the cre­ation, exploit­a­tion and man­age­ment of digit­al resources.

DRHA provides a con­text for stim­u­lat­ing, cross-dis­cip­lin­ary dis­cus­sion and the gen­er­a­tion of new ideas, res­ult­ing in many new net­works and pro­duct­ive research rela­tion­ships. The DRHA con­fer­ence star­ted at Dart­ing­ton, and it was a devel­op­ment from the DRH con­fer­ence series, which began at Oxford in 1997. Every year the con­fer­ence moves to a dif­fer­ent aca­dem­ic insti­tu­tion, which hosts and runs the con­fer­ence.

DRHA Standing Committee:

Prof Susan Broadhurst, Chair (Brunel); Dr Olu Taiwo (Winchester); Chris­topher Pressler (Dub­lin City); Prof Gregory Spor­ton (Green­wich); Dr Maria Chat­zi­chris­to­doulou (Lon­don South Bank); Ana­sta­s­i­os Mar­a­gi­an­nis (Green­wich); Ghis­laine Bod­ding­ton (Green­wich); Prof Steve Dix­on (LASALLE Col­lege of the Arts, Singa­pore); Dr Daniel Ploeger (Cent­ral School of Speech and Drama); Dr Fran­ziska Schroeder Queen’s Uni­ver­sity Bel­fast); Prof Andrew Prescott (Glas­gow); Irini Papadi­mitri­ou (V&A); Gauti Sigthorsson (Green­wich); Prof Sita Popat (Leeds)