Conference Schedule

The sched­ule to the Data Ache con­fer­ence will be pub­lished here soon.


Exhibition and Performances

Exhib­i­tions and per­form­ances will take place across the uni­ver­sity and the city.

We will be host­ing a range of  Data Ache art­works at the Radi­ant Gal­lery. Dir­ec­ted by Effer­ves­cent, Radi­ant Gal­lery hosts an eclectic cur­at­ori­al pro­gram­me which is very con­cerned with what it is to be a per­son, exper­i­ment­ing with ways that move away from the “edu­ca­tion” of audi­ences, and into seduc­tion and immer­sion by cur­at­ing col­lab­or­at­ively with people who have nev­er cur­ated before.


The House

A range of per­form­ances,  screen­ings and talks will be tak­ing place in The House, our state of the art per­form­ing arts centre loc­ated in the city’s cent­ral quarter, adja­cent to the Ply­mouth City Museum and Art Gal­lery.


Immers­ive Vis­ion Theatre

The Immers­ive Vis­ion Theatre is a trans­dis­cip­lin­ary instru­ment for the mani­fest­a­tion of mater­i­al and ima­gin­ary worlds. Ply­mouth University’s Wil­li­am Day Plan­et­ari­um (built in 1967) has been reborn as a 40 seat Immers­ive Vis­ion Theatre (IVT).


Conference Meal and Wine Reception

We round off the open­ing day of the con­fer­ence (Sunday 10th Septem­ber) with a wine recep­tion at Radi­ant Gal­lery  from 6.00pm.

The con­fer­ence din­ner will take place at the Nation­al Mar­ine Aquar­i­um,  the largest pub­lic aquar­i­um in the UK, on Tues­day 12th Septem­ber. Their awe-inspir­ing exhib­its, fea­tur­ing mar­ine anim­als from near and far, provide an envir­on­ment that intrigues, inspires and motiv­ates our vis­it­ors to engage with our con­ser­va­tion mes­sages and hope­fully do their bit to help pro­tect the mar­ine envir­on­ment.