Jane Winters

Pro­fess­or Jane Win­ters is Pro­fess­or of Digit­al Human­it­ies in the School of Advanced Study, Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don. She is a Fel­low of the Roy­al His­tor­ic­al Soci­ety, and a mem­ber of RESAW (Research Infra­struc­ture for the Study of the Archived Web), the Aca­dem­ic Steer­ing & Advocacy Com­mit­tee of the Open Lib­rary of Human­it­ies, the UK Med­ic­al Her­it­age Lib­rary Aca­dem­ic Advis­ory Group, the Advis­ory Board of the Digit­al Pre­ser­va­tion Coali­tion, the Advis­ory Board of the European Holo­caust Research Infra­struc­ture, the Advis­ory Board of the Aca­dem­ic Book of the Future pro­ject, and the Advis­ory Board of the E-Ark pro­ject.

Jane is respons­ible for devel­op­ing digit­al human­it­ies at the School of Advanced Study. She has led or co-dir­ec­ted a range of digit­al pro­jects, includ­ing most recently Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Human­it­ies; Dig­ging into Linked Par­lia­ment­ary Metadata; Traces through Time: Pros­opo­graphy in Prac­tice across Big Data; the Thesaur­us of Brit­ish and Irish His­tory as SKOS; and Born Digit­al Big Data and Approaches for His­tory and the Human­it­ies.

Jane’s research interests include digit­al his­tory, web archives, big data for human­it­ies research, peer review in the digit­al envir­on­ment, text edit­ing, the use of social media in an aca­dem­ic con­text, e-repos­it­or­ies, and open access pub­lish­ing.